Welcome to Village of Bear Creek


Notice: Please keep sidewalks free of weeds and lawns mowed throughout the summer or Village has the right to clear them at Owners Expense!



Reminder to all dog owners: State of Wisconsin requires dogs to be licensed after 5 months of age. To obtain a dog license please send or drop off a copy of the dog's immunization record that includes breed, along with a $3.00 fee for spayed and neutered dogs and an $8.00 fee for non spayed and neutered dogs. Tag will be mailed to you. Landlords please inform tenants of this responsibility.

Questions can be directed to Village Clerk 715 752 4065 or bcclerk.miller@gmail.com.

Mail to PO Box 28, Bear Creek, WI. 54922 or drop box in front of the Community Center at 109 Prospect St.

Licenses are due by March 31 each calendar year.